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About Us

Online Persona Protection Services (OPPS) Inc. is a successful PR Agency that's been in business since 1998 based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We are a leading Online Reputation Management (ORM) Agency with clients in US, Canada, Eastern Europe, South America, Australia, England, and South East Asia. OPPS specializes in personal online image brand creations, custom online PR profiling and Maintenance for small and large businesses, and reputation repair management.

With our team of content marketers, web engineers and SEO specialists, we have the expertise and resources to provide the results our clients need. OPPS special team is constantly learning, testing and refining strategies to adapt to the changes in search algorithms of all major search engines.

We move very fast by creating hundreds of social media profiles and web properties and then optimizing them. We help individuals personally, small and large businesses, CEOs, entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, artists, celebrities, doctors, lawyers, restaurant owners, hotels, accounting firms, airlines, cruise ships, casinos and more...

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What Makes Us Different?

  • We have time-proven results from past clients.
  • We have suppressed high authority sites, government sites, social media platforms and more
  • We have our own proprietary techniques for changing the search results on Google.
  • We are constantly testing and refining our techniques to accommodate the frequent changes in Google’s ranking algorithms
  • We provide ERS ( Emergency Repair Service ).
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • We have the most experience legal team to issue take down notices to permanently remove online negative reviews.
  • We provide progress reports which include all the work OPPS has published online, so you can see the level of complexity that goes into your online campaign.
  • We provide a very unique App which can be downloaded at google play and App Store. It allows you to scan for negative reviews and report it for repair. In addition you can set up an ALERT notification to detect if anyone has published new content about you or your business online.

  • Testimonials

    [Confidential Client]

    Corporate Executive, Manhattan, New York

    I've had negative comments made about me on some public forums for almost 2 years. These comments kept popping up on the 1st page of the search results on Google and its been preventing me from getting my next job. However, I was able to get back on the right track after I used OPPS Inc.

    [Confidential Client]

    Local Business Owner, Vancouver, British Columbia

    OPPs Inc. successfully buried multiple pieces of defamatory content without any issue for the past 16 months.  Finally, I am able to move beyond this chapter and carry on with my business.

    [Confidential Client]

    Fortune 500 Company

    As an Executive with a prominent company, I am used to being portrayed in the media. However, when the time came to transition to a new position at another firm, my new employers mentioned my Internet results. I didn't expect it to be a factor in negotiating, or to reflect upon my track record or results. After a quick consultation with OPPS Inc., they got to work. The results were fast and professional, and by the time I was signing my contract my search results were incredible. Strong, powerful reviews by major news sources were dominant - ones that I didn't even see on the first page before. Professional profiles updated, new social media accounts and more. I believe that the drastic improvement of my search engine results lead to my larger than discussed signing bonus. The investment into myself and the skills of OPPS Inc. paid off and continue to pay off to this day. I refer them to my peers and colleagues, and recommend them to my friends and family. I think a referral is the highest compliment a company can receive. My compliments to OPPS Inc.

    [Confidential Client]


    New to the "celebrity" world, I sure got more than I bargined for! I thought I was prepared for a few comments about my appearance, but the comments were devastating and relentless. Nothing was sacred , not even my family or children. I didn't know what to do or where to turn. A friend of mine heard through the "inner circle" that there was a team that could help. I was skeptical but I was at my wits end and needed help. This turned out to be the BEST decision of my life! Not only is the bad press and publicity hard to find, but there are good reviews and wonderful comments and pictures in its place! Results were quicker than I imagined and even better than I hoped for. The best part is instead of cowering or hiding and being ashamed of my online presence, I now tell people to "Google me" on a regular basis! I would never have guessed my life could change so drastically from negative to positive and I owe it all to OPPS Inc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    OPPS has helped clients with the following sites:

    • ripoffreport
    • CanadaCom_OP
    • ONTARIO-LOGO2-1024x477
    • gam-square
    • cbc-logo-gallery-thumb-638xauto-275463
    • torSun-logo-LG
    • thestar_logo
    • thedirty
    • Forbes-logo
    • Yelp-logo
    • complaintsboard-logo
    • bbb-logo
    • Facebook-logo
    • instagram-logo
    • National Post Logo
    • YouTube
    • CNN
    • tumblr
    • WebMD
    • Wordpress
    • BusinessWeek Logo
    • InvestorVoice
    • Pinterest
    • Huffingtonpost
    • Blogger
    • Flickr
    • ZocDoc
    • scambook
    • Offshore Alert Logo
    • Glassdoor
    • RateMDs
    • Vancouver Sun
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • TripAdvisor
    • Local
    • Yellowpages
    • Yahoo
    • HealthGrades
    • ConsumerAffairs

    Our Process

    Custom Campaign1

    Custom Campaign

    Getting started, you will retain to analyze your company / personal persona for bad reviews or create a new "buzz" for your brand online. will then customize a campaign for your brand's online reputation. will analyze the technical requirements that your campaign requires.
    Campaign Creation2

    Campaign Creation

    Once reputation experts completes analyzing your brands, will customize a campaign that will be prepared by top analyst experts in the online reputation sector. Campaigns for high profile individuals or companies will be conducted on a contract level which can be billed on a monthly basis. Typical investments vary, and depend largely on the level of complexity of the online reputation service needed to achieve the winning results.
    Campaign Launch3

    Campaign Launch

    In the initial weeks of your campaign, will deliver a series of releases to the web. These releases include Imagine Branding, Social Media blasts specific, SEO review submissions, and other special proprietary releases.
    Progress Reports4

    Progress Reports

    Throughout the duration of your Online campaign, you can request for a detailed Intel report through your assigned OPPS Specialist 24/7. OPPS requested Intel report will outline the following:

    1. Custom Content for your campaign

    2. Progress report

    3. Legal opinions

    4. Special Alert detection

    5. Upcoming releases

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    Get a free no-obligation evaluation within 24 hours. Upon submission OPPS special Team of ORM (Online Reputation Management) experts will go over your requirements you have submitted. Within 24hrs you will receive an email from an ORM specialist who will provide you with an overview of your reputation marketing campaign. Please take into consideration that each client's case will be different based on the requirements.

    Send us your details describing your situation. We will hold your information in strict confidence. We never disclose or share your private information to anyone. OPPS is 100% certified and secure.

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