Some Frequently Asked Questions

1Can help clean the negative info / images for my personal name online? It has been affecting my personal relationships with current friends, making new friends, and family??
‚ÄčLeave it to the professionals. This is our specialty, and we will consult with industry leaders for the best way to remedy your online situation in the quickest way possible. Rest assured we work with leaders in defamation and slander/libel and will consult with our peers to rectify and minimalize negative exposure.
2Can help promote my personal name online as I have nothing at present? What about my business? Do you do websites and branding?
Business? Personal? Or a combination of the two? We will work with our specialists to craft a tailored and bespoke solution to your online identity issues. We are a full service firm offering websites, branding, marketing and search engine optimization. For nominal additional cost we can provide hosting and domain services concurrently.
3Help! I am being attacked online in a different language! Can OPPS work around the globe?
Have no fear. Our international reach exposes us to clients all over the globe. We have multiple consultants and can improve your Google results around the globe in many jurisdictions.
4I am being haunted by my past... Can OPPS inc legally remove photos or embarassing images? What about Facebook? or twitter? Someone is impersonating me!
We have before. This is our specialty. We need to know a bit more about your situation and if there are copyright issues involved. If not, don't worry. There are many ways to improve your online presence and we have dealt with many industries including Playboy and Millionaire Matchmaker with multiple success stories. Let's help you out!
5I have turned over a new leaf, but my name is showing next to outdated information from a decade ago! Can OPPS inc make google reflect my brand new image? I have virtually no online presence.
Never fear! OPPS inc can save the day. If you have little or no online image, we can create a fresh start displaying the positive accolades you have amassed to the day. Your work experience, awards and charitable acts will all be highlighted and showcased. Social media updates, news releases and more. You will want to "show off" your online persona to your freinds and family... Don't believe us?
6I want to have dominant rankings on page one of all of major search engines. Can OPPS do this?
Now we are talking. OPPS is global and can dominant the first page of all the major search engines to combat or enhance your online image. Our specialists approach is universal and as it is 100% legal, it is favored and supported by all international search engine companies and we are rewarded with dominant results. Let's talk.

Our Process

Custom Campaign1

Custom Campaign

Getting started, you will retain to analyze your company / personal persona for bad reviews or create a new "buzz" for your brand online. will then customize a campaign for your brand's online reputation. will analyze the technical requirements that your campaign requires.
Campaign Creation2

Campaign Creation

Once reputation experts completes analyzing your brands, will customize a campaign that will be prepared by top analyst experts in the online reputation sector. Campaigns for high profile individuals or companies will be conducted on a contract level which can be billed on a monthly basis. Typical investments vary, and depend largely on the level of complexity of the online reputation service needed to achieve the winning results.
Campaign Launch3

Campaign Launch

In the initial weeks of your campaign, will deliver a series of releases to the web. These releases include Imagine Branding, Social Media blasts specific, SEO review submissions, and other special proprietary releases.
Progress Reports4

Progress Reports

Throughout the duration of your Online campaign, you can request for a detailed Intel report through your assigned OPPS Specialist 24/7. OPPS requested Intel report will outline the following:

1. Custom Content for your campaign

2. Progress report

3. Legal opinions

4. Special Alert detection

5. Upcoming releases

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Get a free no-obligation evaluation within 24 hours. Upon submission OPPS special Team of ORM (Online Reputation Management) experts will go over your requirements you have submitted. Within 24hrs you will receive an email from an ORM specialist who will provide you with an overview of your reputation marketing campaign. Please take into consideration that each client's case will be different based on the requirements.

Send us your details describing your situation. We will hold your information in strict confidence. We never disclose or share your private information to anyone. OPPS is 100% certified and secure.

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